I create clear, simple, and useful content
for humans 

Coronavirus tracker app

I helped design, and write microcopy for this useful coronavirus symptoms tracker

content redesign thumb.png
Content design - Passport application page

I researched user pains, needs and behavior to make's most popular page better

Life events

Content strategy

Life events is a new way for citizens to interact with government, that is currently in design

microcopy thumb.png
Microcopy Before & Afters

UX Writing

Check out my microcopy re-writes


UX Writing

I wrote microcopy to guide users through GovID, the government's Single Sign On platform

User interviews

Content strategy

Interviewing users helped me write better content in their words

Passport application prototype

Content design

Good UX writing isn't just about choosing the right words, it's also about knowing how to develop a coherent and seamless flow for users

So, who am I?

I discovered I was a UX Writer/Content Designer after doing it for a while without realizing it. One day my brain said, "Ohhh! That's what we've been up to all this time".


Things clicked.

I've done all sorts of interesting stuff to get me here.

I studied and worked in animation making funny cartoons, trained as a phototherapist using photography to treat victims of terrorism and people with mental illness, and I managed an international youth department and summer camps.

These days I am the English UX content writer for, Israel's government website.

I love writing for users, solving problems, and creating great experiences for humans.

Get in touch

+972 - 058-4281180

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